Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ebay is not my friend

20kg of knitted clothes fit for rags are headed my way.

Yes, I could do with them to stuff my cushions.  There is nothing quite like the springy firmness of unravelled machine knitted garments.  But not now!

Mind you, I could settle down and catch up with all the craft stuff while waiting for the amazing disappearing parcel.

On Thursday I was actually out of the house.  Apart from school runs this is practically unheard of.  I had a great time, but I missed a parcel.  I went through the automated checklist to get it re-directed on Friday.

Friday I was ironing (you wouldn't believe how much there is in backlog, even after everything).  Father was checking out of the window, I had carefully not put the dishwasher or washing machine on so I could hear the door and I was keeping an eye out of the window while wondering when I would ever get to the bottom of the ironing pile.  I was halfway through a shirt when the phone went letting me know that bear had been sick at school.  I shot out and only when I had bear safely home and filled with baby nurofen and kaolin did I look at the 'sorry you were out' card that had been sneaked into my letter box while there were two adults watching out for a parcel.

I had to do some really expensive phoning to sort out the delivery.  Apparently it was someone new to the route, as every other driver knows that you sometimes have to hammer the door or ring the bell and that anything can always be left next door.  So tomorrow I will be sitting and staring out of the window, just in case.  They have my phone number, instructions to ring the bell, to ask next door and up until now they had a great track record.  However I am taking no risks.

Today when I was failing to buy the ironing board from Matalan I found out that my lovely next door neighbour had offered to take the parcel in, but the delivery man had said he would drop it back.  Then he didn't.  This didn't help.

I got an okay deal on the knitted rags, and I haven't been able to pick much up from the local jumble sales (partly because I never seem to be able to get to them).  But not now.

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