Wednesday, 5 February 2014

An attack of poetry

I've dropped the iron a total of four times, I've had an epic fail trying to work out what is happening with uncle (according to a member of staff he is heading to a care home local to him) and nearly forgot father's lunch.  He is still fretting a bit about the hospital appointment and op, but hopefully it will be dealt with soon.

I've displaced.  Write on Edge did a prompt where you had to write a piece that started with a phrase and had only 100 extra words.  It was easier than worrying about everything else.  If you are interested in it, the link is here.

I got soaked picking up bear as well.  I'll find the bright side soon.


  1. There is one solution - wrinkles! You are obviously not meant to be it a health and safety issue! Seriously Sybs, take care of yourself too. Lesley

  2. I've been sitting very quietly and staying away from the ironing. It's the sensible thing to do. Thank you for the hugs. WS xxx