Saturday, 15 February 2014

Grumbling along

Bear is feeling poorly.  This is solely due to him downing a hot chocolate in one.  I should know better by to give him milky drinks.  He is okay if he sips them, but he never does!  I thought his stomach would be well lined as he had demanded a bacon and egg butty for lunch after popcorn at the cinema with DH and a MacDonalds breakfast (I much prefer their Saturday visits to the Vegan Cafe).

I have dosed him with kaolin and now all I can do is wait for the effects to hopefully subside.

I am feeling a bit low.  There are issues for uncle's funding, none of which have yet been explained to us.  I am a bit worried.  I've been thinking and thinking about it all.  There is no way that uncle could be here.  There is no way he could manage to get to the bathroom - there are steps all over.  He would effectively be stuck in one room with a commode.  All the healthcare professionals recommended residential care.  He can't afford it.  If there is no funding, we are stuck.

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