Tuesday, 4 February 2014


It is sunny and we have a rose blooming in the garden!

It is looking a bit battered but it is opening up which I consider utterly amazing.  There has been some real bite to the wind recently, though it isn't really as cold as it could be.  Also it looks like bear is going to get his first Valentine.  He has only just turned seven.  I'm just going with the flow on that one but it makes me chuckle and also wince.  One day I will be a mother in law.  I am putting off thinking about that for as long as possible!

Father has a hospital appointment today.  It is to talk about the results and book him in for an operation.  It is only minor op but of course I am worried.  I am also still exhausted after a day of telephoning about uncle.  It is not just the exhausting process of trying to get a healthcare professional to understand that things are awkward, but the tension waiting for the calls, then missing them on a quick comfort stop, then not being able to get them when you ring back so you leave a message and wait.  Fortunately it seems that we are just going to be waiting for the social worker as everything else seems to be falling in to place.  We need to see if there will be funding.  Poor uncle is crossing not only the borders between local authorities but also countries.

I know it is going to be incredibly tough when he gets here, as the demands on my time and mental energy are going to be heavy.  I am really worried.  However I can still enjoy a sunny day and an unexpected rose and I am sure bear will keep me smiling.  Also if uncle gets into this house I will probably be able to take a shortcut through the park and I love seeing green and growing things, so that will be good.


  1. Dear Sybill - you are going through the emotional wringer at the moment. It is so hard and emotional as our nearest and dearest get older and frail. It is very mentally demanding and we must all try to make time for ourselves. Easier said than done I know. Keep doing your best with the Social Worker - I know they helped, and sometimes hindered, in equal amounts when we were going through a similar situation. Just wanted you to know that I am rooting for you all. Take Care Lorna

    1. Thank you so much! I think if I keep going to the writing 'gym' then I'll be able to keep what is left of my sanity. Bear helps a lot as well. I feel hugged. WS xxx