Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Bear Improves

Bear was part of the school cross country team for the second time and he came 45 out of 55!  That is a definite improvement.  He was like boiled rags yesterday but he did fine today.  I suspect he will be boiled rags again tomorrow, but perhaps the exercise has done him good.

Mind you, he is still utterly slaughtering Donna e Mobile on the piano.

Sarah - you sound like an awesome teacher.  I blame myself for a lot of the issues bear has with the piano.  I took him when he was very young and the buses were awful and we started in November so lots of cold, wet bus stops.  Then the piano teacher was too nice, made it too easy for bear and he got away with murder.  For the last eighteen months he has had a really lovely teacher that won't let him get away with anything and it has finally twigged that bear likes classical music.  So he is now attacking Donna e mobile using two hands.  I tell him that I'm impressed.  He hasn't been put in for an exam, and to be honest I'm not rushing towards that, but the tutor has said that bear is doing as well as some who are studying for Grade One.  I am going to look up those pieces you mention.  I hope you are okay and doing well.

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