Wednesday, 8 February 2017

IKEA again

I'm going to have to get a better camera.  I look at the awesome pictures from everyone else, especially awesome bloggers like Sharon Koole or justjill and know I need to raise my game.  

We didn't do too badly.  We picked up the new bed base for bear, plus a few other oddments.  It is so easy for things to fall into the huge yellow sacks that you use as baskets.  I picked up an inexpensive candle, some storage jars, a couple of bathmats, a blanket to cut up (their fleece is incredibly inexpensive) and some picture frames.  Bear and DH also had dinner, but their gluten free stuff is limited so I had something before I went.  

We got the least expensive bed base, which was £20 and considerably cheaper than a new bed.  

Sheila - I'm definitely starting a freezer book when we get the new freezer.  I will take it steady and see how it goes.  

Bless - I had never thought of using the Amazon paper as mulch!  I will see how the bulbs come up and then put it down - perhaps it will deter the dratted cats! 


  1. I love Ikea....especially the Market Place. Daren't go too often though. I have a box full of their fleece blankets for cutting up too-x-

  2. I've never been to an Ikea, we don't have one near. Probably a good thing!

  3. They just opened up a new, bigger IKEA in my area (in the adjoining city, but it's only 6 miles from where I live). I thought the old store was big enough, but this one is several times bigger, apparently!