Saturday, 18 February 2017

My Lucet.

Sarah - here is a picture of my lucet with the first braid.  It's @ eight and one half inches long and chunky.  I got it from Amazon.

I've really enjoyed using the lucet, but I have no use for the thing apart from rag rugs.  Your stuff sounds awesome.  If anyone else is considering using a lucet, it's great but you end up with loads of cord.  One vital hint that I didn't find in YouTube videos but worked out for myself half way through the first braid - if you have to break off because of bear, DH, delivery or in general then winding an elastic band around the tips of the lucet will stop the smooth yarn or strips of fabric sliding off the smooth lucet.

I need excuses to make more rag rugs.  I have limited places to put them.  I'll think of something.  I suppose I'll have to sew this one together before I do anything else.  I really need to stay away from the YouTube craft tutorials.  They look like they can be expensive.  At the moment we are trying to work out what to do for the best for bear that doesn't involve spoiling him (which I suspect is too late) but we may end up paying out.  

We are currently reading a A Boy's Book of Adventure Stories, which is a collection of stories and excerpts from books that are out of copyright.  So far we've had a fight from Lorna Doone, we've had the death of Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist, we've had The Hand by Maupassant (which scared me more than bear) and we have just taken three nights to work through the start of the Prisoner of Zenda.  Bear enjoyed the Prisoner of Zenda, and would like to read it by himself.  We don't have a copy. 

We could get bear an inexpensive ebook version for his kindle fire but we don't allow the kindle upstairs or at bedtime which is the time and place bear normally reads.  I've dug out father's old kindle, but it isn't working.  If we get bear a kindle it costs a lot more than the kindle fire we got him at Christmas 2015 (though that was an awesome deal) and which he hasn't really used much.  There are a lot of awesome books that are free on Amazon, including The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle (a snippet of that is the next chapter in the Boy's Book of Adventure Stories).  If bear had a basic kindle then he could get all sorts for his bedtime reading (and, dear heaven, we would be checking it!).  A basic kindle is £60.  It is a long way until Christmas.  I am not relaxing the rule of keeping the kindle fire out of his bedroom.  I think we'll just have to pick up a physical copy of the Prisoner of Zenda (because bear is never denied books within reason) and see how it goes.  

I'm sure that tomorrow DH can pick up a physical copy of the Prisoner of Zenda and bear can thoroughly enjoy it! 


  1. I want one, a lucet I mean, but what I would do with a rag rug I have no idea.
    I love to hear about Bear especially that he is such an enthusiastic reader.

  2. Thanks for that...I didn't know what a lucet was-x-

  3. Thanks, Lyssa. Your lucet looks exactly the same as mine so all kinds of things are possible. My only venture watching the shopping channel on TV was to see a guy who specialises in lucet weaving. He was making all kinds of jewelery with his lucet in all kinds of different yarns including shiny metallic stuff which looked quite effective. If Bear ever expresses an interest in friendship bracelets, especially if he wants something original and exclusive for Christmas or birthday presents, he could make his own.

    Tlaking of books, did I ever give you the link to Secrets and Ghosts by my friend Dennis? This is the Amazon link . I hope Bear enjoys The Prisoner of Hentzau. I loved both the book and the sequal, Rupert of Hentzau when I was a teenager but I think the language is a bit Victorian. Have you introduced him to Rider Haggard? I loved Kings Solomon's Mines - Listening to Holtz' Mars from the Planet Suite and envisaging the Last Stand of the Greys is quite a surreal experience! My mother brought us up on All the Mowgli Stories (none of the other Jungle Book stories!). Bear might enjoy reading those by himself.

  4. I've never seen one of those before! I think that's one of the problems with crafts - only so much room for them. I have a bunch of stitching I need to frame and put up somewhere but there are only so many walls.