Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ironing Amazon Packing Paper

Those who use Amazon will know what sort of swathes of paper come in the box.  I haven't measured the width but it looks around 12 inches or 30cm across and seems to be in endless length.  I wanted it for projects so I started to iron the long strip that came with the overpacked ruler.  I wrapped it around the end of one of the inner tubes from the wrapping paper and I used a bulldog clip to keep it in place.  By the way, I don't randomly keep cardboard tubes.  It's just that I've been asked to provide unexpected cardboard tubes and boxes for school art projects at very short notice so I always keep a few bits around.

I started ironing (on warm, no steam).  I went on, and on, and on and one.  This was just one strip from one box.  I ended up with something like this...

... and was this thick...

... and I still had this left over...

I might be putting that in the recycling.

It's nagging away at me.  Every time I get a parcel from Amazon I get swathes of the stuff.  I'm going to start keeping a stash of ripped up pieces around six inches square next to the bin.  I used to use newspaper when father was still here.  Now I can use this stuff to scrape out greasy or burnt pots and pans.  Between that and the rags that I have I'll never need to buy kitchen roll again.  Also I have plans for bear and I to do crafts soon and we can use it for scrap.  I can shred it next time I do a church bran tub, and I could use it for packing if I ever packed anything.  When the wrapping paper stash finally runs out I can use it to wrap some stuff.  Bear can help me decorate it.

I saw this on YouTube.  Someone covered their floor in shipping paper and it does look very nice.  I may try it in the porch which is about a meter and a half square, if that, and could do with something doing to it.  I think that is pushing what is possible.


  1. I think I'll send off to Amazon just to be able to get a stash of the paper. You do get rather a lot don't you?
    That floor looks pretty cool but I don't think....actually I know that I wouldn't have the patience to do it-x-

  2. In this day and age it is criminal they use so much. I just got a new camera (thrilled to bits tho I am ) In a much larger box than it warranted stuffed with paper. I too save it. But no way would I iron it !

  3. They do tend to put lots of packaging around their products. Glad you could use it!

  4. I've read about using newspaper, etc. as mulch/weed barrier when planting - maybe use some of the brown paper as a weed barrier when planting out your herb garden?