Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Lucets are dangerous

I still haven't sewn up the lucet chain I made for a rag rug.  I did find the lucet incredibly calming.  I've just no idea what to do with the result.  I still went and got this...

The two legs are the prongs which you lucet with - like the prongs below, except that the cat is around a quarter of the size.

In a very small time (when I still should have been doing other things) I had this.

I may make placemats.

Bear had his hair cut today.  I told him he was now old enough to chose his own style.  He got a fairly straightforward short back and sides, a little longer on the top, and looked gorgeous.  I may be a little biased here, lol!  Bear's hair is awesome.  It is thick, straight and tangle free.  He never combs his hair.  He never needs to.  He doesn't get bed-head or tangles - just straight hair lying perfectly flat.  I am envious.

Tonight I am determined not to cruise YouTube trying to work out what I can do to lucet cord.  Sarah Head had some great ideas in her comment on the post about the big lucet here (and a great book recommendation) but tonight I am also ignoring them.  I have spent the last two weeks fighting with a story that I hope to submit to a magazine and it has been fighting back - and winning.  I think I may have cracked it and then I can get back to the White Hart - apologies for the gap!


  1. Do I need a lucet? Probably not but I am intrigued so will have to visit good old YT and see if I fancy having a go.

    Very jealous of Bear's hair. I get dreadful bed head and tangling. When Ruby stays over she always says that when I wake up my hair looks like a mad woman's

  2. Placemats with the lucet cords sounds like a good project.