Saturday, 4 February 2017

I went back to Aldi

The pots of herbs were £2.99.  Hopefully I can keep them alive for the next few months before they really take off.

And while I did sort of allow some stackers (for bear), some chocolate (for bear) and two steak slices (for bear and DH) I didn't buy anything else.

That isn't true of Sainsburys.  We called in there to pick up some trainers for bear as he has trashed the current set but they didn't have his size.  They did have a really awesome coat for DH which is much more formal than his usual coat, is exactly his size and was half price - £22.50 instead of £55 and it will likely last for years.  I also picked up some peppermint tea for bear.  I loathe the stuff but made enthusiastic noises to bear and kept my fingers crossed.  When he tries it I will share the results.


  1. A good old fashioned cup of Yorkshire tea here. I don't get on very well with flavoured teas-x-

  2. Oh, you are going to have a nice little herb garden! Not sure what "stackers" are, but hope Bear enjoys them (and the peppermint tea). Sounds like you got a good deal on the coat for your DH.