Thursday, 16 February 2017

Housekeeping Fail

I put some of this in my toilet.  It's supposed to foam up and loosen stubborn stains.  I tried to put a capful in but my pack was a solid mass instead of free flowing powder and when I tried to pour the whole pack fell in.

You know those comedy programmes where foam keeps coming at you?  Sometimes it's dough or alien goop, but you know the thing, the stuff just keeps rising and rising and rising.  I had that in my bathroom.  It just kept foaming.  I prodded it with the loo brush but it just got worse.  I didn't dare let it sit to work.  I thought I would be finding scented foam cascading down the stairs, sparkling as it came.  I had to flush three times.

Now I have a bathroom that reeks of second rate fabric conditioner and I'm worrying about the plumbing.  I keep expecting the drains to burp.  I won't try that stuff again.  It may be nice but I don't think I'm grown up enough to use it.

It's better than yesterday.  Around about 12.15pm both Tesco and the large van with the new window turned up and got very tense about parking at the same time as one of bear's pals fell and hurt his arm and I was trying to ring a parent while getting the lad to see if he could wiggle his fingers.  Fortunately the lad was fine, Tesco were awesome and the window was fitted without incident.  We are half way through half term holiday and I'm happy that we've survived so well.


  1. Glad you're surviving half-term!

    That foaming stuff sounds a little like a comedy sketch. I can almost see it and I have to admit that I'm laughing a little.

  2. Oh I'm sorry but that did make me laugh, I had visions of you looking like a lion tamer, waving the loo brush.

  3. Screamed with laughter at your description which was soooo visual! I thought this was the kind of thing which only happened to me!
    Margaret P

  4. It's all go round at your house! The toilet thing is very funny

  5. Too funny about the foam cleaner! You probably have the cleanest plumbing in the whole block now! Glad you were able to sort out the simultaneous deliveries and Bear's friend's fall, etc. Never a dull moment, it sounds like!

  6. Oh Lyssa darlin' are such a scream. I could just imagine it.
    Other than that...halfway through half term virtually unscathed is a very good result-x-