Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dull Day

It has been a lovely quiet day.  I've found out that a 5kg bag of rice can cost more per kilo than a half kg bag.  I've had my subscribe and save parcel from Amazon which was incredibly well wrapped and I won't need to get wrapping paper for a while.  I've already ironed the brown paper and I'm thinking of the best way to store the bubble wrap.  I'm not entirely convinced that the subscribe and save is a good deal and I think I will revisit it.

I've knitted a few inches of blanket, watched some craft videos and generally chilled.  Bear has been practically boneless as he's been so chilled and DH has done some serious relaxing.  We finished by reading a chapter of 'King Solomon's Mines' and I think that is definitely a story we are going to read in full soon.

It's been a lovely day, but dull to write about.  I hope I will be back with something more interesting tomorrow.


  1. A lovely chilled out Sunday is never dull to read about. I love me a good chillaxing Sunday-x-

  2. Our Sunday was a gentle one too - about the only 'excitement' was our jolly out for the dog. The weather certainly kept us indoors for the most part although I did try and sow some seeds in the greenhouse in the vague hope it will encourage spring to appear!

  3. Sounds like a quiet, relaxed day. We need some of those to balance out the more frenetic days.