Sunday, 19 February 2017

YouTube is Probably My New BFF

As I have often said, eBay is my friend.  It looks like YouTube may be going the same way.  It encourages me in dangerous ways.  I've just seen a YouTube tutorial about making a basket out of braided rope.  I could do the same with a lucet cord made of rags.  I really, really like the lucet, but this is the first thing apart from a rug that I've seen that would be worth it for me.  Nothing in my stash is really suitable for the rag rug, though, so that means I am looking at buying desperately inexpensive polycotton.  I need to step away from the 'Buy' button.  I also really, really, really need to not start another project before finishing off some of the other outstanding stuff.  I've found some interesting cleaning tips on there, though, so it's not entirely a waste of time.  I just need to actually do some cleaning to use them.

On the bright side, while we failed to get a physical copy of The Prisoner of Zenda for bear, we loaded up the Kindle Reader on bear's PC and downloaded a free copy.  He is also dipping into Treasure Island.  I don't know how much he will actually read.  He is still only just 10 and the language of Treasure Island is very different from the language that modern children's books use.  If you compare Dickens with Rick Riordan (who writes the incredibly awesome Percy Jackson books) they are very different.  Bear seems to be okay, but I'm not pushing him.

It's back to school tomorrow.  Bear is downcast.  I will breathe a sigh of relief and use some of the YouTube cleaning techniques.


  1. I love you tube, I want to make crochet porthole covers if we get the boat, I am relying on YouTube to show me the way.

  2. I'm not a great lover of shopping online so Ebay holds no attraction for me.....but get me on You Tube and I can get lost for weeks. I have learned so much about sewing on there and have been able to delve into the world of needle felting to see if I fancy having a go.
    I love it-x-

  3. Lol! Have fun with Youtube. I must admit to being addicted to it. I learned to knit with help from Youtube. I watch quite a few crafty podcasts on there too. It is dangerous!

    I remember the days when the kids went back to school after a holiday - part of me was sad, another big part jumped up and down in joy.

    Bear is learning about great books - a good foundation for when he gets older. All my kids are readers - comes from that great start!

  4. That is pretty awesome that bear is reading Treasure Island. I am glad you have a new BFF, too! :) Braided rag baskets or crocheted rag baskets or cord wrapped in fabric baskets are all fun projects! Enjoy making them!