Thursday, 2 February 2017

Random is...

... as random does.

My tumble dryer is not working.  I need to chase up the people as I'm sure it's still in it's warranty, but I've an awful suspicion I didn't register it.  meh.  This means I need to be so on top of the laundry to keep up with the drying.  Bear wears a clean set of clothes ever day.  He is a normal ten year old boy.  He needs clean clothes every day.  Then there are the clothes for DH and I, the blankets and tablecloths and towels, the usual bits and bobs that all need doing.  It's going to be challenging.

I was just about to walk out of the house with bear to get him to school when I saw a man with a van parked up and getting his tools out. I had been as clear as I possibly could - I would be in all day, I would be happy to work around people, but I had to do the school run.  He had to wait for me to dash to school with bear, drop him with a kind mum and dash back.  Fortunately the smart meter that I had been longing for since last year was fitted without a hitch.

I have just finished a small bit of transcription work.  I'm hoping it's good enough for me to be taken on, but I don't know yet.  It pays very little, but it's still more money than if I had done nothing.

The next installment of 'At the Sign of the White Hart' is up.  The latest installment is here.  The story from the beginning is here.  I hope you like it.

Also, I sat down and broke a chair.  The diet has started.


  1. Oh no.....I would go on strike if I was without my tumble dryer. Hope you get it fixed soon-x-

  2. Hope you get the Tumble dryer fixed. Tough in winter with kids without one.

  3. Hope you get your dryer fixed, soon. Mine been broken for 3 years or so, but then, I don't have an active child who needs to be kept in clean uniforms, etc.