Thursday, 30 March 2017

Another Thing Off the List

I have been meaning to apply for a passport since before bear was born.  I'm not planning to travel abroad but I could really do with the means of identification.  If someone tries to check my ID when I buy alcohol then I would be in trouble - I have no passport and no drivers licence.  Fortunately I look like an old biddy so I'm probably safe.

Stage one today was to have my hair cut (long overdue) and then get passport photos taken.  I've done that.  The next stage is get someone to sign the pictures and I'm optimistic I can get that done in May.  On my way to get the pictures taken I called in at the new John Lewis store that opened just before Christmas.

I think that there are a few non-Brits reading this blog, so for them I will say that John Lewis is an upmarket department store with a reputation for the high end of middle value, excellent service and awesome treatment of staff.  I had heard wonders about their haberdashery so I wandered in.

I did purchase a booklet of eight knitting patterns for £5, all of which look very plausible.  I didn't purchase the very small pouch, say around six to eight inches high, that had an embroidery transfer on it.  Even with the embroidery cottons I felt it was still over priced at £17.  I think I will call in now and again, but perhaps not for the bigger purchases.  On the way out I looked at shirts for DH.

DH has Views about his shirts.  He likes a certain range of masculine colours, he likes his shirts plain and they have to fit in with the 'sort of smart casual' rule where he works.  You can't buy plain shirts at the moment.  Everything seems patterned and DH isn't keen.  He is also lovely and wide shouldered, which is an issue with the fit of shirts, so some shops are ruled out for a start.  As several of his shirts are getting threadbare, I'm desperate.  I checked out the ones in John Lewis.

DH was not impressed at shirts for him coming up at £25.  He grumbled.  I think the last time he bought a shirt it was around £15 (though it was a while ago).  The shirts I saw in John Lewis, just on the racks, were £115.  I probably won't get DH a shirt from there.


  1. £115 for a shirt....blood and thunder....I wouldn't let Andy wear a shirt that cost that much. One wear and he would spill something down it that couldn't be got out-x-

  2. $115 for a shirt?! I think I swooned for a moment there. ;) I usually pay about $30/45/60 as hubby is tall. I always wait for a big sale. The 2-stores I purchase his tall shirts from has of late been useless. I hit a windfall last year and bought a few. This year they aren't even carrying tall at the moment. Hubby likes blues/reds or black. He doesn't mind a pattern unless it blinds you. ;) I complained the last time I was in there and because they are on the list of almost at the edge of a cliff/closing they are carrying less of the things that sell the least. My luck. ha. I need to get a passport as I'm planning to one day meet up with my pal in Somerset and keep her busy shopping. :)

  3. I keep my passport current just because it's a really big pain to get it renewed as a Brit living in the US. I'm here on a green card not a citizen and I need to be able to travel back quickly if I have to. Good for you for finally getting that passport!

    I passed my driving test when I was thirty. If I had stayed in England I doubt I would have got it, but it's really tough over here without one as public transportation in smaller towns is almost impossible.

    I admit to have not visited a John Lewis Haberdashery. Sounds like a great buy on the patterns. I like easy.

    Hope you find cheaper shirts for your hubby