Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Today I Learned...

There is a sub reddit on Reddit called, 'Today I Learned...' I dip into it now and then.  Sometimes I am bewildered because the heading is something that I seem to have known forever, sometimes it is something mindblowing.  Apparently there is also a YouTube channel but I haven't checked that out.

Today I learned that you can indeed use a small spritz bottle (bought for around 50p to £1 from Wilko) with vinegar and a microfibre cloth to clean windows and mirrors.  If your windows are as dirty as mine then you will have to run up and down stairs repeatedly to get clean cloths and you really will have to open a window, even if it isn't warm.

I also learned that if you don't clear the mantelpiece next to the mirror you are cleaning then you will knock over a vase that has sentimental attachments, almost catch it, almost catch it with the other hand, knock it with your elbow so that it's aimed towards a soft chair and watch it bounce off and break on the marble fire surround.

And I also learned that if you clean the inside of the windows then youu really ought to clean the outside except the outside is not so straightforward as it's around five or six feet minimum off the ground to the bottom of the window and I'd have to fight across lavender bushes that may be rat infested.

Today I learned that there are worse things than dirty windows.  


  1. I use white vinegar to clean windows and mirrors and newspaper is good for buffing them up......no cloths to wash is always good in my opinion....lol-x-

  2. You learnt some good lessons.

    Joan (wales)

  3. Oh, dear! Sounds like the mirror cleaning didn't work out quite as planned! Sorry about your vase!

    I clean the insides of my windows occasionally, but I can't recall the last time the outsides got washed!