Friday, 24 March 2017

Where do I Start?

Do you remember a while back when I mentioned that I had bought a fleece king sized sheet set that was not only very red but absolutely enormous?  I was planning to use it for craft projects.  Bear had different ideas.

Bear has issues with his bed.  He cannot keep his blankets on at night.  He has been the same since he was a newborn in a cot - blankets don't stay on!  At the moment he has layers of duvets, blankets, throws and the huge, massive, ginormous red fleece flat sheet that bear claimed.  I try to tuck it into the back of the bed but only have limited success.  I am considering nails.

I had hopes for the fitted sheet, but bear has also claimed that.  I trimmed the elastic off and he coccoons himself in it when he comes down in the morning (being all cold from having kicked all his bedclothes off).  I am going to use the pillowcases to have bed sized pillows on the big chair in the study.

I may also get a bedsized pillow for the shrug I knitted.  I finally sewed it up last night and now it looks lovely - and too small.  It's about the right size for bear but in girlie colours that he utterly rejects, preferring to curl up in a hacked up piece of red fleece fitted sheet.  I may sew it up further and try stuffing it with a pillow.  Also, speaking of sewing, and having decided to concentrate on knitting, I sewed a small pouch to hang off the toilet roll holder and hold a small essential oil bottle.  The scent holder I had hung in the bathroom was looking very second hand and now that bear and his pals are older I feel much safer having a few drops off the oil on the cardboard inner tube of the toilet roll (nowhere that can touch skin - most essential oils should not be put neat onto any skin!).

It's about four inches (10cm) high and took me a few goes as I couldn't get the top neat enough.  In the end I just pressed the edges over and left it.  I'll be sick of it before it frays too much.  The background is my laptop screen.  Did you know that you can get university lectures on YouTube?  I rummaged around and was watching dinosaur stuff from the University of Utah like this, which is a little too advanced for me but I'm enjoying.  I found some courses from Yale as well, here, and while I'm not saying I understand all of it, the historical stuff is fascinating.

Today the man came about the new service agreement for the boiler.  Apparently I signed up to the premier version which includes radiators.  This means that he has to fully and thoroughly check over all the radiators in the house.  There is stuff in front of every radiator.  In the study it's a small plastic tower and in the living room has a small table that is easily moved, but in front of the radiators in the kitchen, dining room and my bedroom there are large, heavy tables covered with stuff, bear's room has a storage unit and in front of the radiator in DH's room therea is a computer, two screens, a set top box and eleventy ten wires.  The junk room is the worst.  There's just a huge heap of stuff.  You can get to within a yard - just!

Air circulates around all the radiators, but they are not engineer friendly or easily accessed.  I'm going to have to do some serious sorting out before they come back.  It's a great opportunity to have a sort out, or that's what I'm telling myself, and I've booked them to come back in a month.  I should be able to manage in a month.  Probably.  I just have no idea where to start.

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