Monday, 6 March 2017

Not Bad for Monday

Today wasn't bad for a Monday.  I got quite a few loads of washing done, had a very small tidy round, sorted out some doctors' appointments and still had writer's block.  There was also the Postman issue.

We have several different posties, and this one is isn't a star.  I've had issues before.  He is the one who forced a parcel through the letterbox and broke the draught excluder thingy on it.  He is the one who ignored the open kitchen door to fail to deliver to the porch door.  I have tried giving him lessons on how to use the doorbell, though to be fair our door bell doesn't stand out.  He's a few stamps short of the correct postage.

Today I had a few windows open and there was a light on, it was obvious I was home.  Instead of knocking he forced the parcel of Dr Who collection books (for bear) through the letterbox and it landed with half the cardboard packaging missing.  The books were undamaged and there was no harm done, but I am starting to wonder if I should complain.  The other posties are wonderful, I'm always in and they all know me.

DH has been awesome and changed the position of the study clock and also changed the battery so I can see the clock and it is working for the first time in years.  Unfortunately it is right next to a large cobweb that is probably old enough to be listed.  Rather, it was next to the cobweb.  I got irritated, and when I couldn't find the proper long-handled duster I took the soft broom and went around the entire room literally brushing the cobwebs down.  I'm quite worried about how much difference it has made.  The ceilings are quite high and for years the light has been poor in here so it was regrettably easy for me to ignore them.  New lights and a change of the clock's position and I had to act.  What is most wonderful is that I didn't knock anything down!  I think I shall be taking the broom around the house.


  1. Lol at the cobweb comment! I'm not so good at getting rid of them until they are really noticeable.

    You've tried being polite to the postie, it's probably time to say something (if you're anything like me you hate making a complaint about something). Glad the books weren't damaged.

  2. I did that the other day - take a broom to the cobwebs; the spiders weren't happy with me and have built new webs.