Thursday, 2 March 2017

Decisions, Decisions

We have a junk room.  It's a huge bedroom on the top floor.  The window is small and doesn't get much light.  The geography and surrounding buildings means that it gets about half an hour of natural light a day at this year, not much more in summer.  It does mean, however, that if you sleep in the room and need to get dressed, unless the curtain is carefully dealt with or you stand in a very precise location, anyone at the bus stop over the road can see everything.

There are issues with the curtain.  There is a swish track that is smaller than any of the standard hook thingies so every time you draw or open the curtains the dratted thing leaps off the track and once again you are on a ladder, muttering, to hang the thing back up.

The window is also quite narrow.  It seems even more narrow as it is in a corner and is tiny compared with the size of the room, 76 inches (around 193cm) long and 46 inches (around 116cm) wide, but it looks smaller.

I have two choices.  I have a curtain pole, there are YouTube videos with instructions on how to put up a curtain pole and I need to pull myself together and try new things so I could have a go at that.  It would take hardly any time to once again stitch heading tape on a couple of inexpensive duvet covers (the window is the same as the others - non standard drop).  I could even get longer ready made curtains as the window isn't above a radiator.  This would be the sensible solution.

Or I could run two of the wire thingies - the ones that net curtains hang from - across the top of the window.  I have 20m of incredibly inexpensive, very dark purple, sort of shimmery polyester that I have always regretted getting from eBay.  It wouldn't take long to run up two curtains, one in front of the other, and have them held by tie backs made from necklaces - like these...

I could use ornate doorknobs or fancy hooks to hold the tie backs, reinforced with tape if necessary and even sew a fancy ruffle for the top of the curtains - and it would use up around six metres of the stuff.  

It would be ridiculously dramatic and over the top for two very mature adults and an indifferent bear in a room that is hardly used, but it does call to the Drama Queen in me.

I am considering it...


  1. I like the sound of the dramatic-x-

  2. Another option might be to use window film? You can have it just plain, or you can get a wide range of designs, it's really effective and inexpensive. Ive used it in my hallway and on my landing, where I didn't want curtains and I wanted as much light as possible to get in. Here's a link to the company I used (but there are loads of them out there)

  3. Pretty necklace. It would look very dramatic as a tie-back. I'd go for it!

  4. I say go for the over the top look. It will make you smile every time you look into that room. I am planning on going over the top in my enclosed gazebo. We just moved here last spring and the gazebo is currently being used for storage, but I plan on taking it over this year and plan on mixing colors (some deep - some earthy - some bright etc) and patterns and putting all of the ideas and items that don't fit into our house style or space. I can't wait until it finally warms up here. Good luck with your window treatment. I love the sound of your idea and description and would love to see the results. Ranee (MN) USA

  5. I do like the sound of the dark purple shimmery curtains held back with necklaces! I say go for it!