Friday, 10 March 2017


Bear had a pal to visit and for dinner.  I fed them something completely inappropriate - chicken dippers, hash browns and baked beans.  The lads loved it.

Since bear watched Supershoppers and their piece on ice cream, he has become extremely particular.  The Supershoppers demonstrated that four different ice creams looked quite similar when frozen, but if you checked their ingredients there was a difference and if you let them melt there was a difference again.  The cheapest ice cream looked like something in a used tissue once it was melted and was a quarter of the volume.  The most expensive that they showed, Haagen Dazs, hardly shrank at all and still looked like it was food rather than some sort of secretion.  Bear and his pal got Ben and Jerry's today.  Bear graciously accepted it as adequate.

Last time he was here the pal fell and hurt his arm.  This time it was bear on the sick list - he fell downstairs.  He wasn't particularly hurt, though he wasn't happy at the time, but I'm beginning to wonder how safe a visit is!  Bear is limping when he remembers, but I don't expect to see a bruise tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great time was had despite the fall! The ice cream thing sounds like a good idea for a science experiment. Could be yummy too!

  2. I'm glad bear isn't really hurt after his tumble down the stairs! Bear has good taste in ice cream! ;)