Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I Feel a Fool - a matter of perspective.

Our house is indecently close to bear's school.  We can't get decent exercise walking to school as even the long way round takes less than five minutes.  It's a funny area.  We are in private housing but at the back and across the road is social housing and in front of us is a large retail space, currently Matalan but previously a DIY store, and next to us is a bathroom place and behind them all sorts of shops with flats and then there's the expensive houses and industrial units we can see from our window as well as the farms, all on steep slopes with us near the bottom.  It's a mix.

I am not good in the morning.  I may be up and moving but don't expect me to think until at least 10am.  That's my excuse for what happened today.  Bear did his usual trick of forgetting I existed as soon as we got near the school gate and I went to wait until the doors opened, looked over, and there were men climbing on my roof.  I couldn't believe it.  I ran past one of the school mums and asked her to keep an eye on bear (her daughter is in the same class) and belted out of the playground with absolutely no dignity.

It was a trick of perspective.  There were men on a cherry picker climbing on a roof but it was Matalan's roof.  Because of the way that the hill slopes and the angle from the school yard, it was perfect.  It had been the perfect illusion and it looked almost as if they were going to hitch their harness to my chimney.  I had to go back and explain to the school mum.  I was mortified.

For those interested, the latest chapter in 'Tales from the White Hart' is here and the tale from the beginning is here.  Now I can finally catch up with all the wonderful blogs I've been missing.  I'm starting on the next part tomorrow.


  1. I didn't laugh.....honestly-x-

  2. At least you were close enough that you could return home to check on what was going on!