Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Bear gets an Early Present

Yesterday I dived into Aldi (bear and DH did something important that meant that they didn't have to go into a crowded store, and that was fine with me).  I forgot loads of stuff, of course, but one thing I did manage to snag was a dressing gown.  It is for 11-12 and bear is ten in eight days time but it isn't too big and has growing room.  Bear has been having a bad time for the last two weeks or so in our bathroom and our bathroom is unheated.  It gets plenty of heat from the rest of the house, it isn't too bad in many ways, but the poor kid was shivering in my dressing gown a lot of the time.  He's outgrown his old dressing gown.  This one is cuddly soft, has footballs on and was £5.99 which is around £10 less expensive than the cheapest ones I had seen on eBay.  This is the picture from the online page, but it doesn't do justice to how soft it is and how snuggly - bear is almost living in it.

It's probably not that good that I found you can shop at Aldi for some things.

Speaking of outgrowing, bear is not only much better but suddenly a lot slimmer and both DH and I swear that he is taller.  The Doctor Who onesie that he had been living in has either shrunk or we have a child who has just had a growth spurt.  We haven't measured him, but DH and I both agree, it's more than a smidgeon.

I also made a wonderful discovery.  It may not appeal to everyone, but when I was researching Icelandic on YouTube I found a great YouTuber who is a professor in California who teaches Icelandic and Old Norse.  I have been thoroughly enjoying his short but clear lectures - his videos are here if you are interested.

It was so cosy (if geeky) this afternoon.  DH, bear and I were all in the study, all on computers, I had headphones on and was knitting to a short lecture on where runes come from, DH was checking some complex stuff out and bear was on Minecraft and it was so comfortable.  We would emerge regularly to share info, giggle at stuff and generally interact, but were still happy doing our own thing.  Bear approved as he is suddenly very keen on saving energy and has been clear that we need to keep switching things off, so just having one main light and heater on suited him.

I also have the cold from hell, stomach cramps from antibiotics for cellulitis and I have broken a front tooth but actually life is pretty good.

I am not sure I will be saying the same thing tomorrow.  Tomorrow we go to IKEA.  I am braced.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and that you broke a tooth. I think you need some hugs yourself!((())))

    That was a good buy on the dressing gown. Even though you were sitting around doing your own thing you were together in the room and I think that means a lot.

    Thanks for sharing those videos. I started the first one. I found it quite fascinating. Sadly I'm not that good at languages. I find old languages quite fascinating and would love to learn one. I hate to see languages disappear. I watched a program not too long ago on one of public channels over here about the Cherokee language and how they were trying to bring it back to life. So much was lost when the American government was trying to get rid of the Native Americans. It was really sad how they tried to wipe out their whole culture and identity.

    Sorry for babbling on but I find it quite fascinating. Thanks for the visits to my blog! I really enjoy getting to know you.

  2. Ouch! Hope you guys feel better soon! I love my cuddly dressing gown and hate it when it's in the wash. ha. Enjoy Ikea. I love going there. :)

  3. I still haven't braved Ikea yet even though one has opened nearby.

  4. So sorry to hear you have a cold and a broken tooth. Hope the broken tooth is not causing much pain until you can get it attended to. (((HUGS)))