Monday, 12 December 2016

Not Exactly As Planned

Last night I was up until 2am as I had forgot to charge my phone and I haven't got an independent alarm clock.  I had to stay away long enough to make sure that there was enough charge to wake me up at 7am.  Today I have been staggering along on autopilot.

I've identified my room, which is father's old room, as a road block.  I ground to a halt last year and never really picked up so it has become something of a dumping ground but badly organised, so I didn't have anywhere to put anything.  If I want to clear other areas of the house I need to have places to put them, and that means sorting out my room and the junk room.  However I managed to clear a very small space, which still filled several bin bags/donate bags and there's much more to do.

The plan was that as the electricians were coming at the first cough of the sparrow I would wait until bear had gone to bed before moving all the stuff around in the kitchen and dining room.  However I got a call from the electrician to say that they would not be there until around lunchtime.  So tomorrow morning I will be moving the kitchen stuff around.  This is perhaps just as well.  I have just come back to my computer after spending at least three hours with bear who has a tummy ache.  I am not sure how much is your actual tummy ache and how much is being overtired but it's been a long evening.

Last night I spent far too long watching videos about braided rugs and stuff made out of newspapers.  I found this particularly intriguing.  It is far too hard for me, luckily, so I don't have to stock pile newspapers and magazines.  If I do try anything, I'll share.  Here's a picture from one channel that I found amazing.  It's in Spanish, which I don't speak (yet) but the way she shows the process is incredibly clear.

Maybe I'll try it one day 

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  1. Sorry to hear bear had a tummy ache. Hope he's feeling better, now. There are a lot of talented people out there, making all kinds of stuff from just about everything, isn't there? That container looks lovely!