Thursday 29 December 2016

I Need to Get More Sleep

I've been sleeping badly for the last week for one reason or another.  It's affecting my judgement.  The stuff on its way from my friend eBay isn't too bad, though a little eclectic, but I actually caved and bought the Little Book of Hygge which I totally do not need.

I have been considering the concept of cushion covers as well.  If I get my sewing machine set up and I am very brave it will take me no time at all to make really basic envelope cushion covers that even I should manage.  We really need new covers.  What with one thing and another, the cushions look like they are ready for compost.

Unfortunately I've seen some fabric I like on eBay.  I have no right looking, I have all sorts of bits stashed, but I saw this.

Normally I avoid patterns like the plague and it won't go with anything in the room but it sort of called to me.  I'm not sure it's even the right weight.  Besides, it isn't repurposed duvet covers or curtains or remnants.  I must be losing my mind.

|It's briskly cold here.  Bear has, of course, been out playing football, but I have not got much further than beyond the kitchen door to take out rubbish.  Last night I swear I saw the frost falling, and this morning the cobwebs looked encrusted

and there were icicles hanging off the central heating vent

and we never usually get icicles.

I hope it warms up by the time the school run starts.


  1. That fabric does look lovely. It'll make some nice cushion covers. I'm on a fabric diet till I use up my stash!

    Brr! All that frost and icicles! Stay warm!

  2. That fabric looks like it might make some good cushion covers.

    Our icicles are back and so is the snow! Our snow had mostly melted and turned to ice but it snowed over night and now there are a few inches on the ground. Sigh. I had liked the clear roads! Glad we made the most of them.

  3. You didn't imagine the frost falling. My daughter and I saw it when we came out of T***o last night. I thought it was very fine snow at first but when we stood and looked at it it was like tiny pieces of glass....beautiful-x-