Monday 26 December 2016

Not Many Leftovers

Because we had steak we had no cold turkey but we did have a little stuffing left over that we managed to find room for on Christmas night.  This meant today was bacon butties for lunch, another round of pigs in blankets and stuffing cooked fresh for dinner with ordinary roast potatoes and sprouts and generally less stress than you would think.

We do have a large quantity of goodies left over, but I'm expecting bear's pals to turn up tomorrow so I'm sure that will go down.

I have a lot less wrapping paper.  August 2015, when I had to make a hole for the piano, I found I had @ fifty full or partial rolls of wrapping paper.  I used four for bear's Christmas presents this year alone and I haven't wrapped his birthday presents yet.  He's got another large stack of books, a computer game, and a few other little goodies.  I can't see it taking less than two rolls.  I won't be getting any wrapping paper in the sales this year or next year, but possibly I may have to have a look on Boxing Day 2018.  The wrapping paper is all fairly plain to do Christmas/wedding/birthday etc so it does get used during the year.

I do still have over five hundred Christmas cards (I accidentally bought a vast quantity on eBay a few years ago) but even they are reducing and next year I plan to make sure that they are matched up with envelopes and donate the majority to the Church Christmas Fair.  It's a start.


  1. I only bought minimal wrapping paper this year (rolls for stocking stuff). I didn't buy any today. I 'found' some I had tucked away years ago so I used that this year. I rarely buy any Christmas stuff after Christmas as I have a habit of forgetting where I put it!

  2. I'm sure Bear's friends will appreciate all the goodies you have left! Glad you don't have to worry about stocking up on gift wrap, etc. :)