Saturday, 10 December 2016

Fails have found me out

Those people who read this and are half way competent housekeepers will not understand.  I am up way too late because I am doing a last minute, desperate scrabble so that the nice man who comes to service the boiler tomorrow will be actually able to get to it.  All sorts of junk has been dumped in that particular corner and I have had to finally catch up with some bits that should have been sorted months ago.  Those bits include a bottle of lavender oil which has leaked all over the counter.  Cleaning it up has left me with a stonking headache and a sensation of having been mugged by a granny.

I have also cleared off the vast swathe of junk around the piano so when the piano tutor comes tomorrow he won't be too distracted by the heaps.

Tomorrow isn't much better.  The awesome maths tutor will be coming to visit at 4pm and the dining room needs to be in a fit state.  It isn't in a fit state.  It is in an appalling state.  Also, I need to catch up with the ironing that is stashed there to make space for whatever awesome maths happens.

And next Tuesday the nice electrical men will be running cables and all sorts around the kitchen which means I will have to move stuff around in heaps, especially as I have started stashing goodies in the kitchen.  I have no idea where I'm going to put stuff.  I am seriously considering putting the crisp stockpile in DH's car boot for the day.  I am glad I got the stock pile going, though, as bear and his pals break up for the holidays on 16th and I'm not sure how many I'll be feeding or how often.  The nice electrical men will also be fitting the lights so I need to make sure that there is plenty of room in both living room and study.  I shall also be digging out the old sheets to cover the electricals from potential dust.

This would not be so bad if I had started from a decent standpoint.  I didn't.  I have failed at housewifery on a scale so epic that it makes Ben Hur look like holiday snaps.

It could all be worse, though, and I did find a local shop selling 'pigs in blankets' flavoured Pringles at £1 a tube.  That will definitely help the provisioning over Christmas.

I'm going to crawl off and sleep now, probably dreaming of something like this.


  1. Oh dear! I know how it is when things seem to pile up. Confession: I'm not the world's best housekeeper either. There are places where things pile up and I can't seem to work out where to even start from. I had grand plans to tackle or kinds of sorting when I stopped working. Hasn't happened yet. It's still on my to-do list.

    Remember: A happy child is more important than housework!

  2. I'm not even a quarter way decent housekeeper so I know what you mean, we had visitors today so I had a made rush around this morning doing housework, all fitted in around making cakes with DGD & a panto this afternoon.

  3. Oh, I do sympathize because I have the same situation with stuff piled up that need moving when one needs to access something! I hope you were able to find places to stash the piles, temporarily.