Monday 5 December 2016

Let There Be Light - Please!

I am failing significantly at electric.  Back in May or June the man who installs the smart meters almost fainted when he saw the fuse board and that the gas and electric weren't earthed.  The people from Northern Electric were called out to make the electric wire safe and I was told I had to have a PME bond sorted out.  I have been trying since then.

I also failed when I tried to get new lights in.  It may have been last year, but I got new lights fitted in the living room and study and they are far too dim.  Sometimes I feel like I need a coal miner's helmet as the light just isn't bright enough and it can get so dark at this time of year even in the daytime.  So I arranged for yet another company to come and look at the lights and quote for the PME bond.  I was so happy at the thought of being able to have decent lighting at last and to have the end of the whole PME bond in sight.  I had two new lights ready to go and the lightbulbs that fit them.

When I booked the appointment I stressed that I needed to do the school run, so turning up between @ 8.50am and 9.05am wasn't going to work.  You can see where this is going.  I raced across the road from school waving my arms frantically to stop them leaving.  They must have arrived literally the moment we left the street.  I came panting up the road to them and must have looked like a mad woman.  Then they had a look at the fuseboard.  Sigh.  I've known for a while that the fuseboard is dated, it's probably older than me.  There is a good chance that the man who fitted it also worked on the first phase of Stonehenge.  The electrician flatly refused to touch the lights without first doing the PME bond and replacing the fuse board.  They're coming back on Wednesday.  It's going to be expensive.

Here is a picture of some pretty electric lights that cheered me up.  I hope mine work as well.


  1. I hope you get the electricity and lights worked out soon. I think we all need brighter lights at this time of year. In the summer I tend to use a lower bulb but it doesn't seem enough now that it's getting to be winter. Of course it doesn't help that it gets dark really early!

    I can see why the lights cheer you up - very pretty.

  2. I hope you'll have your lights in pretty soon. I had to get my house rewired several years ago. I keep thinking it wasn't that long ago, but it's probably close to 20 years now, and probably needs redoing pretty soon!