Sunday 23 April 2017

Food, Food, Food

My life seems to be revolving around food.  First of all bear brought home a dratted food diary.  Then this evening the idea of meals went out of the window - not for the first time.

We'd had such a relaxed Sunday afternoon.  We were hanging out in the study, all of us on devices, all of us sharing and talking.  I had my knitting on the go as I watched a tv show and also bear playing his new game.  DH was comfortably sprawled and reading.  The room was sunny and the atmosphere was relaxed.  The awful moment when I had to get up and sort out dinner was almost upon me.  I had planned to do potato bourgeouise and sausages.  Or possibly sweet potatoes and sausages.  Except none of us was particularly hungary.  None of us could face a proper meal.

I didn't have anything in the cupboards for a snack meal.  I've been trying to run them down.  The freezer is treated with caution anyway and the fridge was looking bare.  Between the stuff that we can all eat and that we all like, we have a very narrow range.  All local shops were shut.  What was worse, all inspiration had vanished.  I keep thinking of all the things I could have tried but that's now.  This afternoon I was as inspired as a blank page.

In the end bear had the last tin of tomato soup, DH had chorizo omelette (which bear and I had already had for lunch) and I had a tinned meal that I had stashed a while ago and that was fortunately just within date.  It was uninspiring.  It was definitely not the leisurely Sunday browsing that we all wanted.

Tomorrow's task - research lunch/snack dishes that can be made from easily stored items so that we can always have a snack dinner on hand.  Of course it can't contain corned beef (DH), contain gluten (me), sweetcorn (bear at the moment but terms and conditions apply and his preferences may change without notice), cooked fish (DH), cheese (me), bacon (bear again, and t&cs apply again), etc etc etc.  Challenge unethusiastically accepted.

Also, cold has settled into awful gunked up snuffles and I am utterly fed up.


  1. I hope you are able to come up with a list of snack meals that can accommodate everyone's food preferences and tolerances. Snack meals in my household tend to be cereal, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes, tuna salad on crackers, fried rice, pancakes, frozen tamales, etc. No food intolerances, as such, but plenty of food preferences!

  2. When inspiration fails here it's usually just scrambled egg on toast that gets made

    Hope you cold goes very quickly

  3. Does it have to be you that prepares the food? Take it in turns ?!!

  4. Good luck with the food challenge! Maybe you could just try out/plan one or two things each week and see how they go? When I first started cooking from scratch again I went with what I knew and then added one or two 'new' recipes each week. They don't like to eat the same thing over and over. If it was just me I'd be eating salad and potatoes most nights I think lol