Tuesday 18 April 2017

Just Passing Through

There's not that much to blog about.  It's been wonderfully, marvellously, splendidly uneventful here.

Bear is back at school.  It may be the first day of summer term, but it's very chilly.  He did remember to bring out his PE kit after school, though, and it wasn't too bad.  It is washing as I type.  He's almost done his homework as well.  Poor bear, it's his least favourite type of homework - lots of very easy stuff.

Today has been a fail day but tomorrow I need to get moving.  On Saturday the new tutor is likely to visit (old and awesome tutor has moved countries) and on Monday an engineer needs access to all the radiators.  All the radiators have junk in front of them.  It's going to be hectic.

At least it will keep me away from YouTube as I have seen an awesome blanket that is knitted in three strands of yarn on huge needles.  I do not need to knit this.  I have enough throws to kit out a department store.  But, but but it is awesome and interesting and I completely wouldn't get bored six inchess in - honest!  The linky is here.


  1. I love uneventful Lyssa. Some good old breathing space between the dramas is good for the soul-x-

  2. I'm not going to look at the Youtube video! I'm not. I'm not. I'm finally getting the hang of regular knitting.

    It's always good to take a breather of a day when you finally send the kids back to school.

  3. Once you have cleared the access to the radiators, then, maybe reward yourself with some knitting? That's what I am planning to do - once I clear the dining table, I will do some sewing!