Wednesday 26 April 2017


There have been some lovely comments, and I really appreciate them.  I can't answer them at the moment as I'm away with the fairies at the moment. Bear has had a poorly tummy.  I'm not sure if it was the mince (I've been off, but not like bear and DH has been unaffected) but I am on my knees.

So I did the obvious thing and said hello to my friend eBay.  It could be worse, but thirty balls of yarn are heading my way.  There's this throw that's knitted with three strands of yarn and it's calling to me.

A sort of great aunt once knitted her son a sweater, which passed to me and which I adored.  It was knitted in three strands of yarn - bright turquoise, chocolate brown and white and it was knitted on big needles.  The great aunt said it was like knitting mooring rope with telegraph poles.  My mother persuaded me to get rid of it, which was perhaps for the best, but I thought it rocked!  I already have the telegraph poles size 10mm/US15 needles, so that's alright.

Crawling into bed now things are quiet.  Poor bear is like rags.  So much for the food diary (but he managed some home made veggie soup tonight which was a good thing).


  1. Hugs I hope bear feels better soon

  2. Aww Lyssa...I do hope you feel better soon-x-

  3. Sorry to hear that bear is not feeling well and you are feeling tired. Hope you both recover and feel better, soon. The throw that is knitted with 3 strands - is that the one with the color changes? It looked very pretty in the video I watched.

  4. I hope you're feeling better!