Monday 24 April 2017

Still Focused on Food

I need to do more from scratch.  It's not likely to happen overnight.  I'm just breaking the takeaway habit.  Also, bear's pals are used to things like noodles for lunch or tinned meals.  I'm just really glad that bear has people who like to visit him.  I know I can't budge bear out of the house with dynamite normally, so any interaction is probably good.  I shall have to see how things go.

Bless - I haven't got round to commenting on the comments but for the benefit of your daughter, we are lying dreadfully on the form.  Bear decided that breakfast this morning was going to be easy peel citrus and had a few satsumas (or whatever they are).  I told him to write down cereal.  I don't think just citrus is a proper breakfast.  I know that I am out of date and old, but if I had my way bear would go to school with a breakfast of muesli with perhaps an apple and some cheese.  I want him to go in with wholemeal carbs and protein.  Bear has utterly rejected muesli for the moment, but his food preferences swing around so much that I'm optimistic that there's hope for more than citrus.  Bear is just not a breakfast person.

We had fishfingers for dinner tonight.  I don't mind those going on the form as much but it does make me worry about looking neglectful.

I don't know how it works in California, but I wonder how many parents will be fibbing on the forms in case they get into trouble.  Easy peel citrus isn't so bad I suppose, though it is grossly inadequate in my opinion, but I have seen the same kids regularly going into the playground eating sugary biscuits and sweets for their breakfast.  When bear had a packed lunch I know I struggled, but bear did relay some horror stories of chocolate spread sandwiches every day for lunch.  Bear regularly drives me hairless at breakfast, and has quite a few moments the rest of the day, but I have never been so desperate as to allow him chocolate spread sandwiches day in and day out.  I don't know how I would have faced the awful battles between my son not eating or eating only chocolate spread sandwiches.  Of course, bear could have just been angling for chocolate spread sandwiches for himself.  He didn't get them.

So I worry that if I put down all the stuff that bear eats I will get into trouble.  There's lots of good stuff.  I'm always generous with veggies and there is always fruit.  However fish fingers don't look like haute cuisine.  It's shepherd's pie tomorrow and then home made soup and then souffle.  If everything goes to plan (and it has to at some point!) it will at least look partly respectable.  At least, not enough bad stuff to get me into trouble.  Probably.

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  1. I was going to say that I didn't think you should worry too much, as I have found that kids will eat what they want to and not what is healthy despite what you put in front of them, but I have found, from what I've heard about my grand-daughter's school, that there is a 'health' drive going on. I don't know if it's the same at your son's school.

    Joan (Wales)