Thursday 6 April 2017


After writing about how much cooking I'm doing, we had a takeaway tonight, or at least, bear and DH did.  I'll start again tomorrow

In fact today was a vaguely fail day.  I got a little washing done, suffered from bear who was BORED and generally achieved little.  I suggested a few things that bear could do - sort through his drawer, tidy his desk, sort out some pencils etc and he utterly rejected them, he decided he was better being BORED.  Instead he belted up and down the street on his scooter and set all the neighbours' dogs off.

I'm off to bed with the hope that I get more done tomorrow.


  1. Lol....and I bet that same lament is echoing up and down the country where the kids are on Easter break.
    If Ruby ever says it here I tell her that I'm glad she's got time to be bored-x-

  2. Bear gets no sympathy and few suggestions lol x

  3. My daughter too received suggestions whenever she complained about being bored! LOL. I read somewhere that it was good for kids to be bored as it encourages them to find ways to entertain themselves. Sounds like that's just what Bear did!