Tuesday 25 April 2017

Sick of Food

There's a theme over the last few posts.  This morning bear had cereal and I sighed with relief.  It was one of those 'healthy' cereals and I studiously avoided looking at the panel with nutrition information.  It may be wholemeal cheerios with oat flakes and cinnamon (which bear inhaled) but I don't want to think about added salt and sugar.

Joan - there is a big thing about child obesity at the moment.  The purpose of the diary is apparently so that they can put together a healthy eating plan.  I suppose this is a good idea.  There is such pressure on the NHS and the government is doing all can to promote a healthy lifestyle.  To be honest, I think that this idea of the school to help plan healthy meals isn't bad, but I could do without the stress.

Also, Morrisons have just delivered.  It was not a good experience.  When the driver suggested I lift the crates out of the van for him I was unimpressed.  Apart from anything else, my bad joints won't let me.  Also someone had shoved a load of tins in the same carrier so I had to make three journeys just for the stuff in that carrier bag.  I can manage normal carrier loads just fine.  What is worse, I've taken to drink and the bottle of brandy that I was rather looking forward to was at the bottom of the bag of tins and has a very dented lid and I'm not sure I'll be able to get it open.  I'm unconvinced the mince I'm having for dinner in shepherd's pie was properly chilled as the packet is all puffy.  It isn't exactly a warm day, and the mince looks okay, but I'm glad I'm using it tonight, I wouldn't dare keep it all day.  Because of the way everything was jumbled, I'm not sure how it was stored.  

I'm missing Tesco

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  1. I think a complaint is needed .........worth a try - you might get a voucher or something