Tuesday 25 April 2017

So British

I had to add this.

I live very near bear's school and I recognise a particular car that always parks at the end of our street and I recognise by sight the dad who does drop off and pick up.  I vaguely recognise the kids.  They are not in bear's class or even in his year, so there's no reason to know them.  This car may have been parking there for the last four or five years, but we've never spoken - we usually only pass once or twice a week as he is either in the school yard before me or picking up after me.  He always looks very introspective, which is entirely his right, and I'm usually involved in some sort of discussion with bear about the cleanliness of his face/unfinished homework/when he plans to hand in the dinner money that has been in his bag all week/what happened in Maths etc etc etc.

Today we had sort of snow/sort of hail.  As I hunched up and scuttled towards the school the dad passed and said, 'What about the weather then?'  It is just so British.  Never saying a word until weather hits.

Sue - I suppose I could complain to Morrisons, but as a Brit I suspect I normally grumble instead of complain.  I do feel very let down.

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