Wednesday 22 July 2020

Going Round in Circles

Ann - thank you so much for buying the book. I hope you really enjoy it! I feel hugged. I want to say thank you to everyone for all the support I have, because it's really encouraging and very welcome.

Ruth - I'm sorry I'm slow to reply. I never mind when a comment is from. I'm always just thrilled that people comment. I'll keep that in mind and ask around. Another quirk of Red is that her brakes are a little tender. If you treat them gently, they do all that you could ask. Even using calm and even pressure, you can still come to a stop that is a little more sudden than you would expect. If I slammed all on I think I would risk going through the windscreen - seatbelt, seat and all! 

Sharon - I know! I called in at the supermarket today and spent over £30! There wasn't that much to show for it either!

To the kind comment about lactose intolerance - I became gluten intolerant when I was in my forties, and dairy intolerance often goes with gluten intolerance because something about the auto immune response to gluten also attacks the thingies that help digest lactose. In my case, I think stress may have been the cause. 

I went to Morrisons today by a different route. Actually I used four different routes. I went there one way and found that I had forgotten my handbag, then back a different way to pick up my handbag, then back to Morrisons a third way, then home again a slightly different way. I got stuck on some complicated roundabouts. Unfortunately, coming from Kirkstall Road to Leeds and then through the Armley Gyratory needs some meticulous lane management and it helps if you know where you are going. I didn't know where I was going. There was an air of 'point and hope'. I ended up going twice round the roundabout - twice! On seperate but linked roundabouts! It was a close call on one that I'd have to go around again. I'll have to use that route a few times.

Writing stuff - Out of the London Mist is published tomorrow, so today is the last day that you can get it at the pre-order price here and at other good online book stores. And as a sort of build up, here is a short piece about the London Peculiar or London Smog. The mists of London play quite a large part in the story and I did some extra research, which I thought I would share. I am looking forward to tomorrow sooooo much I am almost vibrating! 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. I'm the one that commented about lactose intolerance - it's awful isn't it? I don't know why my comment came up "unknown" - I use my Google for commenting so my name will show! Huh! Anyways, stress can bring on all kinds of medical issues so that is very possible. So please take care of yourself too!!! Dawn P. Albany, GA USA