Friday 24 July 2020

Shopping Continues

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I feel incredibly hugged. 

I went to the Farm Shop that does the great veggies, and then on to Morrisons. I tried a different route and I still haven't found one that doesn't involve blind junctions and awkward lane changing. I also keep stopping at lights long after they go green because I'm checking out some shops. There is a part of Kirkstall Road where a shop selling spyware used to be opposite what was apparently a house of ill repute. It looks like they have both closed. This area was badly hit by floods a few years ago.

The shop itself was disappointing. I got some great veggies from the farm shop, but they were reasonable prices for the quality and therefore not inexpensive. And I bought some meat at Morrisons, with a few bits of bread, cooked meat and some grapes. I forgot a few bits, but that's normal for me. However it was still quite a bit at the checkout. Food seems to be getting more and more expensive! 

I really need to get that price book going. I can't rely on my memory. I was in Aldi the other day and picked up a 5kg bag of basmati rice for £5.49 (if I remember correctly - I remember it was labeled as £1.10 per kilo. Now, because I had been fretting over rice a few months ago and trying to work out whether it was worth me buying a 10kg sack of rice and if I could store it correctly. I obsessively compared price per kilo, but decided storage was an issue so stuck to buying a kilo at a time. However the price was usually over £1.20 or £1.30 per kilo. Looking back, I wish I had bought two as I can easily get through a kilo of rice in a week when it's rice salad weather and rice can store well. I'm also considering making my own rice milk as it's so expensive, but it suits bear and I. I daren't risk oat milk and we don't like the taste of almond or soy. But I only knew that the rice was a deal because I had spent so much time checking prices (and I re-checked, and it's a decent deal). I need to work out how to do this.

Prices seem to be going up so much. I worry about it and I can't see it getting much better, especially as this year can't be a good year for farmers. Apart from some erratic weather, there have been issues getting workers with the Covid around. 

Writing stuff - not so much now for a bit, but I did some research on Victorian life, including Victorian food, and I have posted a little article about Victorian food here

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. I've never tried it and don't know how expensive it is but did you know you can buy rice milk in powder form?

  2. You might like to try Alpro's cashew milk, very creamy tasting and doesn't break down when hot like some of them do. I think it's worth the price but I do think paying the same for nut milk and rice or oat milk is a bit of a swizz - the source ingredients are so different in price. Although official figures keep saying prices are only slightly up I am seeing 10, 20 and even 30% increases in many of the things I buy regularly. I have taken to checking whether I can buy some of them in bulk via Amazon's Subscribe & Save service and get money off that way. Some things are good value like that and others you're paying extra for the convenience. But as you say with rice, storage is an issue. I find big bags of rice bought in ethnic shops tend to be much better quality basmati and the stuff that winds up in supermarket own-brand packages. I made the mistake of buying Tesco basmati and it was very sticky and clarty when cooked.