Sunday 12 July 2020

Which Direction?

I like Tesco and Aldi. I'm hoping to get more into farm shops, but I'll need to pick up some bits from supermarkets and Tesco and Aldi work. Normally I go to the Tesco and Aldi at Batley. They are only yards from each other, and it's very near bear's school, so I can do drop off and then call in the stores straight after. Of course, now there is all the virus stuff and bear is at home, I don't need to go that far, around 8 miles, but there isn't a large Tesco near me. There is an Aldi, which I call in sometimes, but the Batley one was taking better precautions. 

Batley is now near a few spikes. A pub was shut in Batley due to the virus, and there have been a couple of factories nearby in Ossett and Cleckheaton that have been centres of infection. Tesco and Aldi in Batley are not taking the same precautions anymore. I'm wondering about not going there. 

I could go to a large Sainsburys or Asda that are both relatively near to me, but I've not had brilliant experiences with the meat in either place and I'm a little wary. Besides, I really like Tesco. Aldi isn't such a problem and there is a lovely big one a little further away but still in Leeds, which wouldn't be so hard, although it's a little tricky to drive to, but I can call in on some great farm shops on the way. There is another Tesco, almost exactly the same distance from me than the Batley Tesco, but in North Leeds. Last time we went there, it was a little like this

We actually sat in the car and watched the crows bullying seagulls. 

And I would have to drive through the edges of Leeds centre and onto the A64. I don't have a good track record with the A64. I could go a longer way around but it would add four miles each way. It's great for driving practice as it's along some faster roads, but I'm not sure I'm entirely up for it at the moment. 

Tomorrow I want to do big shops as I'll be taking the car into the garage on Tuesday to pick up Wednesday, so I want to get everything in. I need to have a long think about it. I may have to reduce my Tesco visits in general. 

In fact, I think I need to rethink a lot of things. 

A new neighbour has moved in to next door but one. I hope that they are awesome. If they are not awesome, I hope that they are relatively harmless and entertaining. I'm hiding from them for as long as possible. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Sounds weird, but I hate having new neighbours. I think it's the unknown. Or maybe it's just that we've had horrible ones before so much so that I found being in my house quite stressful. Thankfully, right now, they aren't too bad and mostly keep themselves to themselves which is fine with me. Hope your new neighbours are okay!