Tuesday 15 August 2023

Achieving Very Little

The bathroom has been cleaned within an inch of its life. This is because I'm getting someone in to do a report on what needs doing to put right all the problems left by the plumbers that put in the bathroom. As an anticlimax, they couldn't make it. They should be here tomorrow. Thank goodness that the bathroom will still be clean (though I'll be giving a good wipe over first thing, of course)

I've not got a lot achieved apart from that, although I did have a proper meal today instead of snacky junk, so that was good. And speaking of snacky junk, it's not that long ago that I bought twenty tubes of Pringles but between bear and DH (and bear taking them with him to his friends), they have almost entirely dwindled away. I shall have to sort out other stuff for him to take. 

The garden is completely overgrown. 

I need to get into it. And I need to get this harvested. I'm feeling somewhat better, so I need to get moving.

It's looking stressed compared to the lucious beauty it was at the weekend so I had better get it sorted and then give everything a good feed. 

A group of at least half a dozen magpies have set up opposite our house. DH is putting out extra peanuts in the hope that they won't pick on us too much.

Writing stuff - Chapter Twenty of Invitation Accepted is here. And that's another thing. I need to get more written. I feel in the middle of a very complicated junction with cars whizzing all around me and I have no idea in which direction I'm going. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Scrubbing the bathroom is a big achievement in and of itself I think! I hope that more repairs won't be needed! Well, your garden is looking nice and green, if nothing else! :D Mine is mostly brown at this point!

    1. The summer has been so damp but I always take comfort that I don't need to water the garden.

  2. When my garden is like that I just call it a wild garden and say we're doing it for the wildlife! The deer here soon munch down anything that's tall or short or anything that's growing really lol.

    We have a lot of things that need to be done around here, but I hate getting people in the house. It makes me really anxious. I know that I need to just put up with it or everything will someday fall down around us, but it's easier said than done!

    1. I know the anxiety of getting people in. As for the garden, it's beyond wild, it's livid!