Sunday 6 August 2023

Normal for Me

Today the weather forecast was for rain with extra rain and more rain added. I love knitting in the car in the rain and was so happy to get out and relax. It was drier than a very dry thing. But I did get to see a labrador being a very good labrador. It was a gorgeous large black dog, and had once been given an ice cream from the kiosk. If you saw this dog, with his immaculate coat and well muscled, not overweight build you would know that this was a dog that was loved and cared for. The dratted thing refused to move from the ice cream kiosk. It was soooo well behaved and didn't whine or bounce or nip. It did, however, lay down and refuse to move. His owners were obviously really wonderful, and so was the dog. 

On the way back, I called into IKEA for some veggie meatballs. They have gone up so much in price - I think they were around £3.95. Now they are £5.95. However I like them, they are not the most unhealthy, they are gluten free and they take two minutes in the microwave. IKEA is in the middle of refurbishment which is perhaps just as well.

And I raced through the kitchen section as anything could happen to me there. I paused to take a pic of all the glassware on display.

My first thought was - it must be the devil to keep it dusted. 

I picked up two 120 x 160cm (very approximately 48inches x 63 inches) fleece throws for £4 each. It's not very thick but I want it to line home made place mats for the dinner table and it will be fine for that and is a lot less expensive per metre than the fleece on eBay. 

I'm now thinking about fabric for the placemats. I've seen videos about making self binding place mats like this one, but any sort of padded placemat would work. Drink has been taken and I'm looking on eBay. Anything could happen. I'll share if it's fun. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Sounds like you had a good day. :) I wonder if the dog received his ice cream cone, eventually? Sounds like you got a good deal with those fleece blankets at Ikea! I haven't been to Ikea in at least 5 years! Not since the store nearest to me moved to a new location, a couple of years before Covid! My daughter and I kept saying we should go to the new store to see how it was and we never did as it was a bit out of our way. Have fun selecting the fabric for the placemats. :)

    1. IKEA is laid out exactly to tempt the shopper. And they have such inexpensive and well designed ideas as well - I really struggle to resist it. (Un)fortunately it's on my way home if I go a particular route back from Tesco and I really like their veggie meatballs. They have unexpected bargains, especially in the kitchenware section, and the quality is usually good for the price.

  2. Ha ha, so glad I don't have to dust that glassware! I'm not good on the dusting. I only do it when I can see it on the television stand lol.

    1. Dusting only happens in emergencies here lol. I would never have a display like that! Imagine how much time it must take to keep it up to display standards!