Tuesday 1 August 2023

Happy Yorkshire Day

It's been a funny sort of day. Bear left the house around 7.45am this morning and I've just picked him up at 10pm. Between those times I've done a few loads of washing, some writing, cleared out a chest of drawers, stripped and remade my bed, watched England beat China 6-1 in a match that was surprisingly in England's favour, kntted, cooked all sorts but forgot the turkey, picked up salad for DH, sorted some emails, approached a publisher, written a review and just done a lot of little things. It's not made a dent in the state of the house, but it's perhaps made a few things a little easier. I also found a candle that I had forgotten. 

It is the height of a 500ml bottle of water and I need two hands to lift it. I'm looking forward to burning it. I'll probably save it until the first cold weather, though, as it's bound to heat up the room.

As for the review, well, it goes something like this... I signed up with Goodreads to read 52 books in a year. So far I've read dozens and dozens and dozens. However, I'm not entirely comfortable sharing all of what I've read. You see, I was wondering about writing spicy romances and whether they were a profitable way to publish. And so I started reading the spicy romances on Kindle Unlimited. I want to be clear that there is nothing wrong with reading spicy romances or even spicer romances. I don't know if lust lit is a term but there is nothing wrong with it. I'm not really the target market, though. I've read a lot of these over the last few months, starting off as research and then on for just the pleasure of it. Many are extremely well written and with excellent stories. It's just that I keep skipping the spicy bits and heading back to the plot. And most of the stuff I've published so far barely has kissing in it. I'm not saying what I do or do not do in my private life, but I'm not sure that I'm good at writing about spicy stuff. I'm definitely not comfortable sharing if I prefer vampires or werewolves. So while I've probably already hit the target for reading 52 books, I'm admitting to four of them. To keep it up, and to keep me honest, there will be a lot more reviews coming. I expect most of them to be extremely non-spicy. 

There has also been a side issue. Years ago I shared my kindle with DH. Last week he finally got around to checking it and then asked that I stopped sharing. He didn't mind me reading books with a certain sort of man on the front but he found it a little disconcerting and he didn't want me worrying about what he thought. Most of the covers are the same male model who has obviously spent a lot of time at the gym but isn't bothering with shirts and has been photoshopped onto more spicy covers than is reasonable for an unsuspecting husband to see. I can't say I blame him. Regardless, I'm getting a little bored with the spicy stuff now, and I have no idea what I'll end up reading next. The review is here, if you are interested. 

And it's Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate all things Yorkshire. I created this on Canva and I'm quite proud of it.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Sounds like a very productive day. Too funny about reading the spicy and spicier romance novels! :D

    1. I think it's very me - choosing spicy novels and then skipping the spicy bits!

  2. That's quite a candle.
    I love the term 'lust lit' - I can imagine shelves so titled, and there would have to be gradations - genteel lust lit, lust lit not for the faint-hearted and so on.

    1. I encourage you to use lit lust as often as possible. I feel a fraud - I get these spicy books through Kindle Unlimited and then skip the spicy bits!
      The candle is from Aldi and I could barely get it into the trolley. I'm going to save it until autumn and then we can roast marshmallows on it!