Thursday 17 August 2023

I've Done Some Knitting

I meant to post yesterday but I was somewhat overwhelmed when England got through to the World Cup Final. I got quite a bit of knitting done yesterday during the match. I picked up the fluffy one as I didn't need to concentrate so much on the stitches (which was just as well). I still can't believe that we went through without even extra time! I've done a few rows more today and it looks like this.

It's probably two feet long and around six foot wide. I may have made an error of judgement when I cast on. Looking at the yarn that I have left, there's probably another 12 to 18 inches worth of yarn and then it will be a lovely throw to have on the sofa or wrap up in. 

Bear was out last night and most of today. He should have been home earlier and words have been said, but he's still not bad for a teenager. Which reminds me - I don't remember feeding him at any point. I'll really have to keep an eye on that.

I've done quite a bit of running around. I've got a man in to do a report on what needs doing in the bathroom, I've sorted out our house insurance (which was a saga) and checked our energy bills. We've been on a fixed rate for the last two years and it comes to an end in September. I'm so glad that we went with it, after all the upheaval, and we're reasonably careful, but it's still been a worry. I think we'll try and get onto another fixed rate. The money may go down, but I'd rather know where I stood. I've also chased up Halfords to try and get my dashcam sorted out, but I'm going to have to drive there. I can't speak to anyone on the phone at all, no matter what I try.

I've also had a putter around with some writing stuff and now I'm planning to relax for a little while before an early night. I have a lot to do tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll be able to update. We've booked tickets for an outdoor performance of The Importance of Being Ernest tomorrow which is scheduled at roughly the same time as a band of rain is due to sweep through. I'm feeling a little unimpressed at the thought. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. That looks like it will be a great, comfy blanket come the colder months. They will be here sooner than we'd like!

    Bear sounds like a really good and thoughtful young man. They do slip once in a while. I always thought that if being a little late was the worst of my worries I'd get through. I think it's more the shock of that something could have happened and it's not like them, more than anything else.

    1. To be honest, bear is pretty good and so we are able to give him a lot of wiggle room. The blanket is looking pretty good and it didn't shed while knitting, which is something!

  2. Your blanket is coming along nicely! Maybe bear ate when he was out with friends.

    1. He's always eaten like a bird, so I suppose I should be used to it. But he's a strapping lad now and I worry.