Friday, 9 September 2016

End of the Week

Bear is exhausted so we had a right moan about the whole concept of homework.  He has his first piano lesson after the summer break and I think his tutor is going to be unimpressed.

Bear is not the only one.  I have a vile sore throat and I ache.  I asked for the operation to be postponed.  The rodent ulcer is a very mild, very non threatening form of cancer but it is getting bigger and I want it sorted!  Hopefully it will be dealt with before Halloween.

I have two trays of winter pansies booked for Tuesday and not much fit in the garden so I've had to get a wiggle on.  I've cut back some stuff and pulled up other stuff, but there's a lot more to do.  To say it's only a tiny patch, I'm not very good at keeping up to it.

btw can I mention Sporcle.  It is a site where they have quizzes.  I have found the embarrassing gaps and holes in what I know, especially films or tv.  However I am learning all sorts as a by product and can now spell Kyrgyzstan even if I can't find it on a map (somewhere in the middle of Asia, south of Russia and north of India - I looked it up).  I've taken screen shots of the quizzes about the most popular girls and boys names of particular times as I usually get around twenty out of 400 and I need the inspiration for the writing.  It's good to get the brain going!

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  1. Does bear get weekend homework, too? I remember my daughter getting so much homework, every day.

    Hope you'll feel better, soon, and have the surgery before too long. Take care.