Monday, 12 September 2016


Bear has homework once a week.  Every Friday he gets English and Maths homework and it is due in every Wednesday, although this year there are team points if he gets it in on Monday.  It isn't much, a few bits of sums and a paragraph or so.  Bear makes the most of it, though, and such a small amount can generate great swathes of drama.

Every Friday the homework wars start.  The utter exhaustion bear can display when asked to Write About What he Did in the Holidays is beyond belief, especially as he is usually up for football instead.  If I mention 'homework' then bear loses all bones in his body and collapses in a pitiful heap in front of YouTube.  If I mention 'Park and Football' then bear bounces out with enough energy to power the city.  We argue, negotiate and I get close to losing my temper (bear often does) for quite often hours over the weekend.  Then bear does his homework in five minutes and gets good marks.

He has two years before he gets to High School, this year and next year.  All the possible High Schools are really, really keen on lots of homework, hours of it every night.  I'm never going to survive.

Bear finished his English homework this morning as bear wakes up really quickly and usually really early so he'll get points for that.  He couldn't do the maths homework as it is online and his log in didn't work.  Apparently he can deal with school about it, and I'm letting him.  I'm sure I'll find out if there are any problems.

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  1. Oh, I hate it when schools give weekend homework, although my daughter had a fair share of it, as I recall. I always tried to tell her to get it done on Friday evening, so she can have the weekend free, but she preferred to put it off till Sunday night!