Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Just Passing Through

That's what I'm trying to stick to.

You see, there has been huge amounts of drama since Friday - swathes of it.  The police have visited the street on a regular basis and there have been lots of ladies (including me) standing with their arms folded during a low toned gossip.  I've been very much on the edge of it.  The police have not needed to even knock on my door.  However there has been a lot of tension.

I could write all the juicy details.  I've picked up plenty from the other neighbours and I've seen more.  Part of me can't help but make a massive story out of things, shifting the focus to this and picking out the details of that for the best effect.  If it was a story it would have been very satisfying.  But it isn't a story.  Some people have just gone through an incredibly tough time in their lives.  Anyone who wants to find me can - I'm not very good at hiding.  I can't air someone else's dirty linen.

On the other hand, it's been all drama.  Bear hasn't been able to play football and I've stalled on the garden.  We have had to have plans to get back into the house safely after school pick up and while bear was very keen to act very much the protector, it was hard on a nine year old.

So there's nothing really to say except I've finished the first sleeve on the jacket, started the second, I'm optimistic I'll finish in the next ten days and I go in for my very minor operation tomorrow.

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  1. Best wishes for your operation. Hope all goes well and recovery will be quick and pain-free.

    My sympathies on all the neighborhood drama. I live on a street that is relatively quiet for the most part, but has the occasional bouts of high drama. Like the neighbor who chased her spouse down the road with a machete. And the house with the meth lab that the police busted. And the time I came home to see the police with guns drawn on a man spreadeagled on the middle of the street. And the time I went to take the trash cans to the curb to find police (all our police are armed), stationed in front of several houses, including mine, while other officers searched the gardens for an armed robber - I was curtly ordered in by the police officer standing in my driveway! Stay safe!