Thursday, 22 September 2016

I Confess...

Today is not my birthday.  It's one of the weird 'little ways' that I stick to.  It isn't hard to work out where I live or a lot of my background - but I hold on to the secrecy of my birthday as if it was a state secret.  So I am sorry if I have got birthday wishes under false pretences.

They are gratefully received, though, as I am feeling rough and achey today.  A very kind neighbour took bear to school and brought him home.  My nose is covered with a bloodstained dressing and some stitches are showing - not really leisure wear for the school playground.

On the bright side, I'm whizzing up the second sleeve.  I hope to reach the frill by Monday.  That's when it will get interesting!

1 comment:

  1. Well, then, a very happy "un-birthday" to you and best wishes for whenever your real birthday occurs. :) Best wishes for every day in between, too.