Thursday, 15 September 2016


I feel so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.  I haven't even had much of a day to show for it.  I'd not thought things through with my last order so DH and I had chilli con charlie while bear had what I hoped would be a nice treat for him - fish pie ready meal.  Bear really loves his fish.

The pie stunk.  I had to empty the kitchen bin to get the smell out.  Bear utterly rejected it.  He didn't want anything else, either.  To be honest, bear is shattered.  He is tired with school and I suspect he is coming down with something green nosed and disgusting.  The weather is taking it out of us as well.  It is too hot.

At least it is a new day tomorrow.

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  1. Sorry to hear both you and bear are tired and he might be coming down with something. My daughter used to always get sick the first week after going back to school! Hope you both get to rest over the weekend and feel better. Hope the weather cools off and you get to enjoy some nice, fall weather soon.