Thursday, 8 September 2016


I managed to get to church today.  I went to Leeds Minster.  They were happy to let me take pictures.  Leeds Minster was built in the 1840s in the Victorian Gothic style.  I had a look around before the service.

Apparently I missed a flower festival last weekend and these were one of the highlights.  They looked amazing.

The stained glass is glorious, so I did my best with my camera phone.

It is so stately.

What makes it even better is that the vicar who had this church built, Dr Hook, took over at a time when the Church of England had been failing the new urban centres that grew up during the Industrial Revolution and he had the motto of 'A pastor for every poor man and a school for every poor child.'  Leeds goes back to Roman times but really only grew in the 18th and 19th century.  Dr Hook really did his best in tough circumstances.  He built a working church.

The bit I liked best was the service.

Then I wandered through the market and picked up some fresh fruit and veggies and wandered home in time to pick up bear.


  1. gorgeous pictures, well done.

  2. That is a beautiful church. The stained glass windows are lovely.

  3. Lyssa, you don't need to publish this comment, if you'd rather not, but, you had mentioned in an earlier post (Monday's I believe) about having surgery scheduled for Thursday. Did you have the surgery? Or did you need to postpone it because you also mentioned you might be coming down with a cold. If you did have the surgery, then, I hope everything went off well and you have an easy recovery. If you had to postpone it, then, I hope all will be well when you do have it.

    In either case, I will continue to keep you and bear in my thoughts when I pray for good health for all my family and friends each night.

  4. Beautiful pic's. Thanks for sharing. :)