Wednesday, 28 September 2016

One Thing Leads to Another

Bear is watching the Victorian Pharmacy and interrupting me with snippets like, 'did you know that they put arsenic in cough medicine?'

Regarding one thing leading to another, it goes like this.  Someone has very kindly agreed to do a review of my writing.  I feel totally giddy.  Then I realise that I could do with putting on the actual professional type covers on the Forgotten Village and Digging up the Past.  I'll also have to republish them even if it's only to update the copyright to include the copyright of the covers.

I dip into Digging up the Past.  I needed to re-read as I needed a name from the book  that I'd forgotten to put into my character list.  I read it all the way through.  I was disappointed.  I still like the plot but it needs some serious editing.  I am considering practically re-writing it so that it's in English this time.

This is not fishing for compliments.  This is a cold eyed look at how I need to do better.

I am off to edit.  I may be some time.  However to play fair, once it is back up I will give out a code so that anyone who has already bought can get a free copy of the corrected one with the fancy cover.

So if there is a gap in my posts of a few days, don't worry.  I won't let bear practise nineteenth century medicine on me.  I'll just be up to my eyebrows in editing.

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