Saturday, 24 September 2016

Must Ration Bear's TV

I am a very slack parent.  Some things I am very rigid on.  Bear is used to me being uber tough about homework and teeth brushing.  However as long as it is age appropriate then I'm incredibly lax about screen time.

It has its benefits.  Bear has a remarkable grasp of all sorts of science and maths stuff thanks to YouTube.  It has got him passionate about football, and he plays in the street most days.  I keep a close eye on content.  It is tv that has always been the problem.

I'm still stuck with the problems that were caused by allowing DH and bear to watch The Great British Sewing Bee.  I am also stuck with bear's projects after watching Art Attack.  He hasn't been too bad when it comes to the Great British Bake Off but watching Eat Well for Less has caused an increase in badly chopped vegetables.  Bear even went with DH to Aldi and insisted on getting two different types of chopped tomatoes among the shopping to see which one was better.

I'm feeling low.  My nose hurts.  I'm not allowed to bend down.  Have you ever tried not bending down?  I'm groping and patting around all sorts of places to find things I've dropped.  As a therapy I've been watching the Victorian Kitchen Garden on DVD.  Bear was just passing.  'Why don't we start growing all the fruit and veg we need?' he asked.  The simple answer is that I am a bad and lazy gardener with a garden smaller than some American cars.  I suggested that we grew some salad next year.  This was not enough for bear.  He wants to grow rhubarb.  It's not impossible to grow rhubarb, and I'm not against it in principle, but DH isn't a huge fan, bear says he likes it, but he's said that before and I can take it or leave it.  Apparently it needs a year before you can start picking it as well.  I'm holding out on that one.

Fortunately bear has shown no interest in Strictly Come Dancing.

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  1. Your bear is a delight! Please give him a hug from me.

    I envy anyone who can grow rhubarb! I love to eat rhubarb, but I have been unsuccessful in my efforts to grow it here. I will, occasionally, buy a stalk or two, but at about $3/lb. it is one of the pricier produce in the market.

    I hope you do feel better, soon, and the recovery will be complete with no further complications. (((Hugs))) to you, too.