Sunday, 11 September 2016


I went to Wetherby yesterday.  I was supposed to be going to a museum thingy 2.8 miles away according to Google maps.  Instead I sort of went to Otley which is14.7 miles according to Google maps but I went on a bus which went the long way round.  I had a pootle around some of the shops, but it is a market town on a Saturday afternoon and everything was shutting.  I picked up a few second hand railway magazines for uncle and a second hand book for bear.  I also picked up a magic eraser type thing that I had been looking for as I have heard they can work wonders.  I was going to get the bus back to Leeds but a bus came in for Tadcaster.  I only went as far as Wetherby, and as far as I can tell it was around 18 miles the way the bus went - it was one of the rural services and stopped at lampposts.

I liked Wetherby.  It's an old coaching town on the road from London to York.  There is an eighteenth century coaching inn, The Angel there that, according to the plaque, had stabling for 100 horses.  However the Crown was a lot easier to photograph

The weather wasn't brilliant and it really shows on the picture I took of the weir

But it looks like there is worse weather sometimes.  It must have been quite a storm that sent this lot down

Though the rest of the river looks pretty good.

Then I came home on the bus - as far as I can tell, using Google maps and best guess, another 15 miles.  I had a great time!

Today I went to a very interesting talk at Leeds Minster about Rev Hook and stayed for Evensong.

Next weekend I should probably stay in a bit.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip. You took some nice pictures, too. Thank you for sharing. I looked up the town and read a bit more about it. Love learning about places that are new to me.